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1.move forward / backward ; rotate 360 deg
2. griper:clamp & release;turn 360 deg;parallely rise and lower; tilt up and down

3 ton Hydraulic Forging Manipulator Introduction

We are the top professional manufacture of forging manipulator in China. Our latest models of forging manipulator is more advanced and improved on the basis of German DDS no-track manipulator. They are mainly used for various of free forging process operating, good at holding shaft-like forging part and blank for forging with electric-hydro hammer and fast forging press. They can also be used to stacking of workpiece, handling of die and fixture/tool. If special clamp is equipped, they can do many other jobs, too. Therefore, by using our forging manipulator, the production efficiency can be greatly enhanced, forgings quality assured, liberate the workers from heavy labor, make the forging producing process mechanization.

I. Configuration and character of the manipulator:

We have two different types of manipulator: straight line movement manipulator and rotation movement manipulator.

1. straight line movement manipulator can do 5 actions
1). Main machine move forward / backward.
2). Gripper clamp and release.
3). Gripper rotate 360º clockwise/counterclockwise.
4) gripper arm parallely rise and lower.
5). Gripper arm tilt up and down

2. rotation movement manipulator can do 6 actions:
1). Main machine move forward / backward.
2). Turret rotate±160º.
3). Gripper clamp and release.
4). Gripper rotate 360º clockwise/counterclockwise.
5). gripper arm parallely rise and lower.
6). Gripper arm tilt up and down.

II. Drive of the manipulator:

1). Main machine is drived with hydraulic motor.
2). Rising/tilting drive with four-lever hydraulic cylinders.
3). Turret rotation drive with hydraulic motor, and rotation bearing adopts open type gear transmission.
4). Gripper head rotation drive with hydraulic motor.
5). Gripper clamp and release drive with hydraulic cylinders pushing

III. Main technical data

1. load capacity 3 ton

2. gripping torque. 7.5 ton*meter

3. gripper opening for round bar diameter(min/max) ø 100—ø 700mm

4. gripper opening for square bar size: 120—600mm

5. crab gripper opening for holding size: 0—ø 1200mm

6. gripper shaft center height: 800—1700mm

7. gripper shaft extension range: 1600mm

8. track distance(center) 2000mm

9. gripper rotation speed: 0~30rpm

10. gripper minimum rotation diameter: ø1200mm

11. parallely rise/lower speed: 9m/min

12. tilt speed: 6m/min

13. gripper frame tilt angle(up/down): 7°/ to ground

14. turret rotation angle: ±160°

15. turret rotation speed: 0-5 rpm

16. main machine traveling speed: 0~40m/min

17. control desk upper middle place or ground operation

18. operation hydraulic pressure 12-16MPa

19.overall dimension 6000*2960*2550mm

20. weight about 20~22 ton