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Forklift Attachment Hinged Forks


forklift hinged forks
1. Material:steel  2. Used on:forklift   3. Warranty:3months   4. Certification:ISO9001-2000

Function & Application

1.Widely used for wood industry, architecture & construction, metal industry, livestock industry.
2.Designed primarily for handling lumber, the hinged fork can also be conveniently used for
handling palletized loads. The optional bucket allows the forklift to handle bulk materials, such as coal, gravel and sand.


-High strength steel structure design, meet the user high efficiency continuous work needs
-Front tilt angle is 45, rear tilt angle is 35, can satisfy customer's requirements
-Reasonable design, beautiful and easy, use the most high grade hydraulic components of the world Model



Quick Details

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HUAMAI
Model Number: forklift hinged forks, forklift hinged forks
Material: steel
Power Source: hydraulic
Application: lifting


HUMAI hinged carriages are a kind of multipurpose forklift attachments which can be widely used in various industries. Such as wood industry, livestock industry, metal industry, architecture & construction, etc.

The hinged carriage can equip different mechanical attachment to suited different works.For example, it can handle lumber or pallerized loads through equip the forks. If equip buckets, it can allows the forklift handle bulk materials, such as coal, gravel and sand, etc.


* Customized carriage width.

* Customized hinged angle.