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With thickened structure except special design part and 60mm lift-arms thickness to enhance the load-carrying capacity.
Comprehensive application of finish machining center and modernize welding technology guarantees machining accuracy and welding quality.
Powerful breakout force, high working efficiency.
With axles, gear box and torque converter, fork carrier special for 28tons forklift loader; the thickness of steel plate for counter-weight reaches 8mm.


Strengthened frame, tires, axles etc. to guarantee high-supporting capacity.
Slower the speed of gear box to make the whole machine smoother.
Enhance the lateral and longitudinal stability of the whole machine to guarantee the stability of the machine when working.


A safe and efficient method of handling marble, granite and other stone slabs, the Marble Handler is designed to support the load as it is pulled out of a closed-top container. The load can then be picked up with an overhead crane.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HUAMAI
Model Number: Marble Handler
Product Name: Marble Handler