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Revolving Multi-purpose Clamp
A revolving multi-purpose clamp is a type of forklift attachment used for handling and transporting various types of loads. It is designed to securely clamp onto loads and allow for easy and efficient handling and transportation. This type of clamp is commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and warehousing industries.

The revolving multi-purpose clamp works by clamping onto the load with hydraulic arms that can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of loads. The hydraulic system is controlled by the operator, who can adjust the clamping pressure to ensure that the load is securely held in place. The clamp can also rotate, allowing the load to be easily positioned as needed.

One of the main advantages of the revolving multi-purpose clamp is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of loads, including pallets, drums, pipes, and more. It can also be easily attached and detached from the forklift, making it convenient for use in different material handling scenarios.

Another advantage of the revolving multi-purpose clamp is its ability to handle heavy loads. It allows for safe and efficient handling of heavy loads, reducing the risk of injury and damage to the load and the environment.

In conclusion, the revolving multi-purpose clamp is a useful forklift attachment for handling and transporting various types of loads. It is versatile, efficient, and cost-effective, and is an essential tool for companies that handle heavy loads on a regular basis.


Hydraulic efficient forklift truck attachments multi purpose clamp
MOQ: 1 unit
Material: steel

Hydraulic efficient forklift truck attachments multi purpose clamp
Multi purpose clamp can efficiently and economically handle almost any tyoe of paper carton,wooden carton,metal carton and baled products without workplatform including tobacco,newsprint, chemical fiber,workshop and port,etc.


Proven durable T-beam arm and aluminum alloy frame constructio
Regenerative hydraulic valving for optimal arm speed
Superior arm-slide bearing for extended service life
Vulcanized rubber pads dessign,economically
Excellent driver visibility


Basic Info

Model NO.: Multi-purpose Clamp
Surface Treatment: Baking Paint
Standard: Standard
Capacity: 1900kg
Pad Height: 460mm
Mounting Class: II III
Arm Thickness: 55mm
Trademark: HUAMAI
Origin: China

Material: Carbon Steel
Customized: Customized
Item: Multi Purpose Clamp
Color: White & Orange
Weight Available: 475kg
Arm Length: 1000mm
Effective Thickness: 127mm
Specification: CE
HS Code: 8427209000

Fork-Co's D Series Multi-Purpose Clamps are available in non-sideshifting, sideshifting and revolving styles, all offering a selection of arm sizes and opening ranges.

E-profile aluminum frame segments are protected by full length composite bearings.

Regenerative hydraulic circuitry provides fast opening speed and increased forklift efficiency.

Class II and Class III mountings are available as required.

Rightline fork clamps are an excellent solution for lift trucks expected to handle a variety of loads. Fork clamps enables drivers to clamp or cradle difficult loads. Precise fork positioning enhances overall handling efficiency.

Our fork clamps have the ability to extend their forks beyond the truck carriage for effective handling of wide loads. Fork cutouts are available to better facilitate drum handling.

Side shifting models have the additional ability to laterally position the arms or the entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement.

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