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Bale clamp for 3 Ton Forklift Truck

Product Description

1. Functions and Applications

This series of bale clamp is suitable for 3 ton fork lift truck,which is manufactured to efficiently handle cotton, wool, synthetictextiles, scrap steel and almost any other baled product without the need for pallets.

( eg: cotton, wool, waste paper, cloth).


-The structure of T-bar arms ensure the high strength and low lost load; the aluminum frame is

light in weight andstrong enough, it's proved to be of reliability, durability.

-Enable the design of two-cylinder to perform two hydraulic functions, i.e.,clamp,open and side shift right and left. Significantly simplify the whole structure. The regenerative circuit realize the quicker opening speed without changing the hydraulic input.

-The bolt-on assembly structure demonstrate ideal interchangeability of parts, and convenience in service, low cost.

- All bearings are made of engineering plastic material, selflubricant and reliable, easy for replacement.

- Arm base is of integral welding type, good in visibility, and reliable in structural rigidity, strength as well.

-The spherical pivot link of both cylinder shell head to lug and rod end to arm base ensure the straightness of the centerline of rod and even when the arms're opened to the end while loaded, which will cause the arms bent down. Resulting in prolonged service life.


Custom opening ranges
Custom arm sizes
Custom arm ribbing
Various mounting classes available
Load backrests

Our Advantages

Why choose us as reliable supplier or work as local dealer with us?

1.Experienced technical team, more professional service
HUAMAI is made up of a team of members who have years of experience with European forklift trucks and its attachments.

2. Wide product range, custom design, provide total solution

HUAMAI has grown rapidly into a sizeable company specialized in producing a comprehensive range of hydraulic and mechanical attachments. The major categories of hydraulic attachments include rotating type, sliding arm type, side-shifting/hinged type, special purpose type and others.

3. Priority support, if agency/dealer

If you a local dealer, can achieve HUAMAI agent policy support, including fast delivery time, competitive price and accessories support, ect.

4. Own factory, competitive price

Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, fully equipped with modern manufacturing equipments and facilities. Scale production and no middlemen will save the purchasing cost.

5. Sales record and voice from our customer,which prove our good performance

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HUAMAI
Capacity: 1400-2700kg
Mounting Class: II/III
Opening Range: 420-2300mm
Arm Height: 415-460mm
Arm Length: 685-1195m
Frame Width: 940-1600mm
Arm Thickness: 70-75mm
Overall Height: 645-730mm
Self Weight: 405-730kg
Warranty: 12mms or 2000 working hrs