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Forklift Hinged Broke Handler

Forklift hinged broke handler

It's mainly applied to the efficient carrying, loading, unloading and stacking of bulk goods without pallet in the waste reusing industries, such as waste paper recycling, paper making plants, waste metal recycling, rubbish transfer stations, etc.


1. Please get the actual comprehensive carrying capacity of forklifts and their attachments from the factory;
2. Matching this attachment requires 2 more oil circuits for the forklift;
3. Customized solution or design is available, please contact our sales representative.



High strength steel structure design ,meet user efficient continuous operation.
The one-way valve clamp of arm oil cylinder has the function to guarantee the pressure ,to ensure the safe and reliable in the process of use.


Quick Details

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HUAMAI
Model Number: HKB30D-007B
Product Name: Hinged Broke Handler
Type: HKB30D-007B
Mounting Class: III
Fork Length A(mm): 1250mm
Arm Height: 1200mm
Arm Length: 1040mm
Tilt Forward/Tilt Backward (mm): 45°/12°
Effective Thickness(mm): 390mm
Horizontal Center of Gravity (mm): 460mm
Raker Width D(mm): 1265mm

Hinged Broke Handler

Increases the forward and backward tilt of the fork carriage, 10°-15° upwards and 45° downwards. The arms hold onto the goods to prevent damages during transit. Commonly used with containers, such as buckets, to dump the bulk cargo efficiently and safely.
Widely used in recycling and waste management industries, greatly improves the flexibility of loading and unloading.


– Excellent visibility
– Easy to maintain
– Long service life
– Flexible operation
– Excellent stability
– Stable overturning speed
– Hydraulic safety lock installed on cylinder