WP-GC18 Forklift good cage attachment

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WP-GC18 Forklift good cage attachment

Type WP-GC18 Forklift Goods Cage

The type WP-GC18 Forklift Goods Cage has been designed as a storage and transport Cage suitable for furniture and whitegoods. A hinged ramp is standard allowing furniture trolleys access into the Cage. Locking the ramp in the vertical position and attaching the 2 safety chains across the front secures goods inside the Cage. This cage is manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1. The standard finish on the cage is painted enamel.

*** The type WP-GC18 Forklift Goods Cage is NOT designed or certified to convey personnel.


• Safe Working Load (SWL) 1000kg
• Load Centre 600mm
• Unit Weight 190kg
• Pocket Size 160 x 60mm
• Pocket Centres 644mm
• Horizontal C of G 600mm
• Vertical C of G 300mm
• Supplied with Slipper Locking Pins

1.For overhead access and maintenance with safety.
2.Spring loaded inward opening door with safety latch for safety entry.
3.Unit is secured to the fork with heel pins and chain.
4.Slip-resistant floor with drainage holes.
5.Conforms to Health and safety Guidance PM28 and GN28 standard.
6.Less storage space,portable and easy to assemble.
7.Wheel fitted for easy maneuvering.

ModelCapacity(kg) N.W.(kg)DeckSize  (mm)Max. Height (mm) Fork Spread(mm)Single Fork Hole Size(mm)