Hydraulic Forklift 55 Gallon Drum Clamp for Forklifts

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Hydraulic Forklift 55 Ggallon Drum Clamp for Forklifts


1.Proven durable T-beam arm aluminium frame construction
2.Superior arm-slide bearing for extended service life
3.Regenerative hydraulic valving for optimal arm speed
4.Excellent driver visibility
5.Rubber pads on clamp arms can be replaced conveniently, it is economic and practical



Tipping Drum clamps are applied to the no-pallet carrying and stacking of metal drums such as hydraulic oil drums, column drums, dustbins, etc, in the petroleum and chemical industries where goods in drums need to be dumped safely and effectively.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HUAMAI
Model Number: DTS20D-001A
Product Name: 55 gallon drum clamp
Type: DTS20D-001A
Mounting Class: II
Opening Range: 395-1545mm
Arm Height: 225mm
Arm Length: 435mm
Frame Width: 940mm
Height(mm): 645mm
Weight: 285kg
Effective Thickness(mm): 145mm


HUAMAI rotating drum clamps are used wherever product is stored in drums, including the petroleum, chemical and food processing industries. HUAMAI forklift drum clamps improve productivity by allowing a forklift driver to handle up to four drums per load. In addition, the use of a drum clamp allows the driver to securely grip the drums for transporting. This eliminates instability during braking and cornering, which is a common problem when attempting to handle drum with conventional forks.


*Proven, durable T-beam arm and aluminum frame construction.

*Superior arm-slide material and design for extending service life.

*Arm design for handling standard 55-gallon drums---standard.

*Replaceable rubber faced arm pad.

*Regenerative hydraulic valuing for optimal arm speed.


*Custom arm radius for special drum sizes.

*Custom arms for fiber and for plastic drum.

*Custom arm lengths -Quick disconnect mounting.

*Custom opening ranges.